Monday, March 03, 2003

I am mistaken about friendship, or just the friend. Having another fight with Maggie. And this time, it just occurred to me that it seems like a lot of work to keep up a friendship that's really stagnated in the past few months. This time the whole thing stemmed from a comment I made about one of Maggie's away messages. I told her I didn't like it because it expressed publically things that I personally believe should be kept private. About 90% of what she has on profile/away messages is about her boyfriend, and usually it's mushy to the extreme. A few have really made me cringe. I tried to discuss it with her, but all she did was take everything I said personally and become self-righteous. She didn't seem to understand that my point was I didn't hold with the publicity of it all. She asked if the fact that she was planning on sending Eliot a card and a package made me nauseous, and of course I said no. Then she started accusing me of implying that she is one-dimensional, that Eliot is her life. Although I hadn't, it honestly is hard to keep from doing that, because she has recently given me no evidence to believe that Eliot ISN'T her life.

I had a more intelligent conversation with Eliot about it, in fact. He of course defended Maggie, but at least he acknowledged my opinion. And that's fine--that's all it is, my opinion. I'm not sure Eliot really got the point I was making, but it was refreshing to talk to him about it. I felt better after that. But then Maggie went overboard...she kept on with the mushiness, this time referencing things I'd said (or rather, words she put in my mouth). "My kitty is the bestest--and if that makes you nauseous, then drink a Coke." Or something. She also implied that I'm ashamed of my own relationship with Mark, just because I don't flaunt it, which is preposterous. The malicious deliberation with which she posted this stuff was just so offensive.

Bottom line: I just have a personal problem with PDA (public displays of affection). AIM is a public forum (in my opinion) and therefore posts which can be seen by all should be treated as a public area. I stress that this is my personal belief. I stressed it to both of them, as well. I have tried to be reasonable in my arguments. But now I feel as if I've lost a friend, and at this point I'm not even sure I want her back.


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