Thursday, March 13, 2003

Things are looking up. The best news of today is that the Spring Break 2003 Road Trip of Awesomeness is back on. Hannah heard back from the assistant manager, and he admitted he should've e-mailed her a lot sooner, so she's off for the week and to have a good trip. Yaaaaaaaaaay! In just over two days I'll be home.

The bad thing is, I just can't quite imagine exactly how I'm supposed to do all the work that has to be done before then. Yesterday I wrote the rough draft of my history paper, critted both stories, and started revising one, but revision just takes a long time. Luckily, "Deep and Endless Light" is the one I'm almost done revising, and "Where the Movement Happens" won't need nearly as much work. I seriously think I am just not going to sleep until this is all over for me. And even if I work constantly from now until Friday at midnight, I might still not be able to do it all. Best get to it.

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