Monday, May 05, 2003


Felt really discouraged yesterday after yet another bad meet, and these two research papers I have to do. Mark really helped getting me motivated to keep doing the steeplechase. One more more chance. Maybe the knowledge that this is it will drive me to succeed and actually run like I know I can.

The other thing is, I have not one, but two research papers to do, and LOADS of reading before I can start on them. They're both due sometime in about two weeks. Luckily though, I had the most productive Sunday so far this term, so I got all my work done for today, plus got through the introductions of both my monographs and even got started on chapter one of the Lougee. I also drafted part of my story for my meeting with Hellenga tomorrow and wrote letters to Margaret and Kaitlin, who is graduating from college this weekend. Yay, me. But there's so much left...

Flunk Day still hasn't happened. I am very worried that it will be this week, because conference is this Friday. Tomorrow wouldn't be a catastrophe, although it would annoy me because I couldn't really let loose. It can't be Wednesday because the apartment lottery and the blood drive are Wednesday. Thursday there is a reading, but I'm afraid it won't be enough. If it's on Thursday, I will be PISSED. Then I won't be able to drink at all. I might as well just sleep in and drink water all day. I'll probably spend it doing work and getting ahead for next week if it's Thursday. I'm just hoping that the readings and various Greek Week events are enough to hold it off until next week. Monday or Tuesday of next week would be choice for me. Oh ack. Wednesday night I will be unable to sleep for fear of it being the next day.

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