Monday, October 18, 2004

Oh, where has my motivation gone?

My motivation is gone, and I am uncertain of where it went. And since it's gone, I don't care. =)

Anyway, instead of doing my work, apparently I'm spending all my time reading this massive graphic novel called Bone, which weighs in at 1332 pages. I also read a lot of The Sandman this weekend. Both are very good, and both are courtesy of Mark. Still, somewhere in there I managed to get all my interviews for J505 done, so now I just have to write the story. Heh. Heh. He---yeah. Bone especially I've been unable to put down. It features these little dudes (Bones), somewhat reminiscent of hobbits, who set out on an is cliched, but it's witty enough and has a complex enough plot that I'm entertained. And the Bones? So cute! I want one.

Bleh, I also had a rough weekend, my first foray into the Bloomington party scene. It was quite a good time, I actually ended up playing Smash Brothers with a bunch of guys I don't know, and had a deep conversation with this guy about how he proposed to a girl and she said yes, then dumped him. I guess it's better than actually marrying him and dumping him, but...ouch. =( I felt bad, as I tend to do about any number of things that I cannot control.

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