Monday, December 27, 2004

Going north for the winter.

By Christmas Eve, the roads had cleared up enough to drive up to Michigan to take up Mark and his parents on their generous invitation. So here I am...still.

Christmas itself was glorious--my arrival was quite last-minute, but Mark's parents still got me a scarf and a little lotion kit thingie. Then the next day we drove down to Ann Arbor to have lunch and see a movie (Kinsey--very good, and with a Bloomington/IU connection). Throughout all of this, though, was a vague worry about my car, subjected to the rigors of a Michigan winter for the first time. I think the wind chill got down to -30 degrees. Anyway, it wouldn't start, and still won't, so Mark's father Mike had it towed this morning. Now it's nearly noon and still no word. I am looking at spending another day/night here, since I don't want to be driving after dark with so much snow/ice on the ground/road. Can I not use so many slashes? Right now I'm already going to be late for work no matter what. Bleh. I mean, it's not that I mind staying, but I'm a little afraid of imposing too much on Mark's family and of course I hate to miss work since I really need the money. Also, I need to pay my rent! YUCK.

I suppose I should just be grateful that I'm in a safe, warm place surrounded by a loving family. Reading about the earthquake/tsunamis in southern Asia yesterday and this morning have once again reminded me how fragile life is. The death toll is 22,000 and climbing. My thoughts go out to the survivors and the families of the dead.

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