Thursday, December 23, 2004

Snowed in.


I'm trying not to feel too sorry for myself, which I normally don't have a huge problem with, but just now it's a bit hard not to. So, right now, I ought to be in Chicago (suburbs) at a winter formal with Margaret and Michelle, but instead I'm snowed in, literally, at my apartment in Bloomington. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but my parents are leaving for Florida tomorrow and my brother is spending Christmas with his girlfriend in Florida as well. Mark invited me to spend Christmas with him and his family, but of course my inability to get out of the parking lot sort of puts a damper on that idea. Also the roads are a complete mess in the entire state of Indiana. We really just don't know how to deal with snow around here. The roads may be clear enough tomorrow, so I still might try to go up if I can dig my car out tomorrow, but right now it's just not looking good. So...yeah...Christmas alone in my apartment. Yaaaaayy---no. It would've been fine for the family to go to Florida if I could've made it up north to go on with my own plans, but with my plans in shambles and the family still going, I guess I'm pretty bummed. If this were a movie, I could expect some sort of miracle to happen and people to show up at my door with presents and tinsel flying everywhere, but this is just my life, and people have their own plans and problems to deal with. And they're all far away. Oh, and work was cancelled until Monday, so I can't even make any money.

I guess I should just look on the bright side and be glad I've got a (relatively) warm place to be, with plenty of food, and plenty of stuff to do. The new DVDs I just got help massively in that respect: Return of the King Extended Edition, Back to the Future Trilogy, and Gargoyles Season One. Back to the Future was Mark's doing. I love you. =) This is probably the only time in the history of DVDs that someone has watched all the commentaries and all the special features of Return of the King in the space of a few days. Awesome.

Even if I don't see Mark tomorrow, I'll see him a week from tomorrow when he comes down for New Year' it's just a limited time. I'm not totally okay right now, but I will be eventually, so I guess that's enough for now.

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