Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm not too old to have a wild weekend. =)

I had a great and very fun weekend. Hanging out and drinking with Margaret is always a good time, and Mark got happy drunk and said many funny things and danced, so that's always good. Weekends at Knox are usually bittersweet, and this was really no different, but I had more fun than I've had the last couple of times there. I didn't get any sleep, but hey, it's all right.

The drive home last night was probably the worst ever, though. I was too lazy and tired to leave until almost 9 Knox time, which is 10 here. I got back around 2:15 or so. The drive was horrible because it was incredibly windy, so much so that it was literally hard to keep the car on the road. Also, I was driving my grandmother's car, which I am not used to, and I couldn't figure out the gas mileage. I got 300 miles on one tank on the way up and put in about 10-11 gallons, but only 220 on the way back, once again putting in 10-11 gallons. I'm sure the wind had something to do with it, and there was some city driving on that one, but damn. I miss Baloo. Still no word on him. If he would just pull himself together, literally, he would be such a great car.

Today I applied for an internship with Runner's World. Which is basically hilarious, because I probably have absolutely no shot at a national glossy magazine, but it's kind of like applying to Harvard or just do it for the hell of it. Why not? Anyway, my far more realistic goal of getting the Courier-Journal internship, which pays a lot, seems to be fading into the January dusk...I was supposed to find out about it in the middle of this month, but still no word. Boooo.

But I guess in general, things are better. The trip to Knox and the fun there certainly helped, as does the fact that I am no longer working nights, and various celebrations and libations for my birthday. Things with Mark and me are better than ever, although LDR suckage will continue to reign. We sat down and talked out some of the possibilities for next year, and although nothing was decided (can't be, at this point), it just felt good to be able to do that. To know we're on the same page is...reassuring, I guess. And he's just so freaking cute sometimes. My internal refrain throughout Saturday night/Sunday morning was, "Damn, I'm a lucky girl."

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