Thursday, January 06, 2005

Trying to be organized

Baloo is out of commission. I am back at home, using my grandmother's '92 Sable for the time being. She never drives--it's a '92 and it has 35,000 miles on it. Wow. I don't know how long this loan is good for. It depends, I guess, on how badly Baloo is hurt and how much it costs to fix him. But until either the loan becomes ownership or Baloo is fixed, I won't be going to Galesburg. And to think I just spent almost a grand on Baloo just to get him home from Michigan.

I'm really ready for something good to happen now.

I think this is all a matter of organization. I just need to figure out what all my problems are and then just fix them, one by one. Or at least identify them, so that they are not so powerful, and then once they lose some power by being known, maybe it will be easier to deal with them.

1) Eldiar--the Long Distance Relationship of Infinite Suckiness (exacerbated somewhat by having a boyfriend who is, shall we say, not wordy)
2) Baloo--constantly needs repairs, constantly sucks up all my money, and doesn't even work well enough for me to drive at the moment
3) Lack of money--things are okay for now, but I'm basically using my current loans to pay off my past loans, as well as the bills. The current loans are running out much faster than I would like.

So...I guess that's really it...for the big problems. I could add a fourth category of very small problems that aren't really important, but are present enough to annoy me. The solution to the first is the same as it's always been...hope for something better in the future, like us being together soon. The second, I don't know about yet because I still don't know exactly what's going to happen with Baloo getting this latest problem fixed. And the third...well, I might take a second job once the semester starts. But I guess I'm not too worried about money. My second semester loan money should come through in a day or two.

Tomorrow I really need to get some stuff done. If I can start this coming semester off organized and at least somewhat calm, I'll feel a lot better for it. So I need to do my laundry and get my school stuff organized, which means basically clean my room and my desk. I'm also going down to campus to buy books with Michelle tomorrow. And I ought to go grocery shopping, but I can get by without doing that for a day or two more. And man, I really want to want the audio commentary on Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyone who knows how obsessed I am with that movie will be amazed to learn that I've never watched the audio commentary.

So, I guess I should really shut up now, and go to bed, so I can start my day off tomorrow and get some stuff done. I hope it's not raining anymore tomorrow. I can't believe it's still raining.

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