Thursday, September 15, 2005

Return of the Mir.

After a long absence from the online word, I've finally returned. Having practically grown up with the Internet, it was difficult to live without easy access to it. The university library is only about a mile and a half away, and I can sometimes check at work, but I was too pressed for time to do anything except check e-mail and sometimes the news.

Anyway, the reason for my auspicious return is that Mark has FINALLY found a job, doing tech support at an insurance agency. He also interviewed today for an even better job doing software testing at a software company, but if he doesn't get that, at least he has something. It's a huge relief for both our sakes. The money situation's been a bit tight over the summer, but things relaxed considerably when I started to get rush paychecks. Rush is over now, but now that Mark's making some money, we should be fine.

I worked like a mad fiend all summer. Some fun stats:

Longest (contiguous) day: 15 hours
Largest amount of hours on one two-week paycheck: 146 (66 overtime =D)
Number of days worked in a row: 27

Part of the reason for the insanity is that I took on some new responsibilities this rush. Partly to increase efficiency and partly because the temps they hired this time were from an agency and were possibly the stupidest group of people I have ever met, bindery people no longer process their own work. That task falls instead to the warehousing department (which is two people, both of whom work day shift). So I sort of took the initiative and started processing on night shift. This involves making sure the books are correct in bindery and amount, making sure desk copies, file copies, and originals go to their various spots, filling the various orders for them, and boxing those orders up in preparation for being shipped or delivered to the appropriate location. And then tons (literally) of paperwork to fill out and file. Fun. So not only did I get some free weight-lifting in (each box weighs anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds) but I got to work two jobs for the same measly hourly pay. The overtime, of course, is the saving grace.

These days I'm back to 25 hours a week, with classes. Although they did ask me to come in this morning, so I should have close to 30 hours for the week. No more overtime, but it's a consistent paycheck and I can't complain about that, especially after Mark's recent experiences.

So that's my story.

Missing faraway friends quite a bit these days...Michelle is still here, but I haven't seen Margaret, Sean, Chris, etc. in a long time. Mark and I talk expansively of road trips to Philly to visit Margaret, Boston to visit Hannah and Mark's twin Craig, and so on, but I doubt we'll have that sort of time. I think these trips will happen, but it won't be anytime really soon. Luckily Homecoming is nearing, another month or so, so that will be nice. Can't wait until Sean comes home. I miss everyone lots.

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