Saturday, March 04, 2006


Oh yeah...I have a blog. Teehee. Kinda forgot.

Well, I'm finished with school (yaaaaay) and have a job lined up. Incidentally, it's at the same place I've been working all this time. I'm moving to the inside sales department, which has little to do with sales. The job involves overseeing the publication of the books; it's more of an editorial position, really. It's a foot in the door of the publishing industry, and good experience, so I'm fairly excited to start, despite the fact that this place is somewhat Office Space-esque. =)

For now I'm still working in production with full-time hours (although no benefits yet, which sucks). The reason I'm not getting benefits yet is that the rest of production is being laid off (the work's all being outsourced to Kinko's), so I have to wait until all that goes down before I officially get hired. It's pretty miserable in production since they dropped the bombshell--the good news is Kinko's will hopefully be hiring most of them and they'll still be working in the same space. We'll find out on Wednesday. Meanwhile, ugh. I just hope it all works out. Even though I knew throughout the "You're fired" meeting I was most likely still going to stay on (confirmed later that day), it didn't occur to me be excited because I was so worried about everyone else. One of the machine operators asked me if I was excited about the new job and I honestly didn't know what to say. But once the smoke cleared, I am a bit excited. I'll feel much better if I know my friends get to stay on as Kinko's employees--it will mean they get better pay and benefits than they're getting now. This COULD be a boon. We'll see.

I've been reading like a fiend lately. Everything from Philip Roth to Virginia Woolf, with a Marion Zimmer Bradley kick and plenty more. Right now it's Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, a collection of short stories about the South, and Daniel Boorstin's The Discoverers. It SO DELIGHTFUL to read anything I want, anytime. I've got my reading list down to 45 books, which is probably a record. I am ridiculous. =D

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