Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another book, because I obviously needed more

Earth from Above, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

OK Computer, by Radiohead

Yesterday I received yet another book in the mail: Earth from Above. These are the most breathtaking photographs I've ever seen. Go here to check them out. The book also includes essays on socio-environmental issues. I saw the photographs in London in 2003 and was on the verge of buying the book then, despite the fact that it cost 40 pounds. It's listed at 50 USD, but I bought it used for just over 10. There's some tearing to the jacket but otherwise it's in great condition. It's also HUGE. It's a good foot and a half by a foot, and most of the photos take up a two-page spread, so it's quite a feast for the eyes. I haven't gotten into the essays much yet; I'll probably add it to my reading list along down the line and actually devote some time to them.

I heard today they've discovered a tropical Stonehenge. It's interesting how similar they are, coming from utterly different cultures, thousands of miles apart. Maybe it's just common sense to use large rocks in a circular formation to tell time. It gives rise to ideas about some sort of instinctual impulse to build, to make sense of time, a common human memory or connection, that kind of thing. Like what kinds of things could happen if we used more than 10 percent of our brains.

Mark also sent me this picture, which made me laugh out loud.

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