Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Absolutely unbelievable

Mundane Stuff:
Good day at work today, got a lot done, so feel good about things in general and not stressed. Actually feel caught up, which is a first for rush. Went running after taking two days off, knee felt great, entire self also felt great for 3.8 miles. Am looking forward to visiting parents this weekend and running the Reindeer Romp, even if will have to leave soon after the race to come back here. Wish could stay longer, but alas, that's rush. Am apparently Bridget Jones.

Anyway, on to the fun part. First, go here. You will read the story of a man who is trying to deal with a billing issue at Verizon. Pretty typical, right? Well, keep reading and make sure to listen to the audio file. This is also on YouTube, titled "Vcents." I don't know which I find more amazing, the stupidity of the Verizon reps or the patience of the caller. I'm just lost for words.

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