Monday, December 04, 2006

A new look

The other thing I did this weekend was a lot of organizing and rearranging. I must say, things look much better, and not quite as cramped! Still some work to do, but we're definitely getting there. We found bed risers that create six extra inches of space underneath a bed (not to mention make our futon into something more like a real bed). That was a life-saver. We also bought a cabinet to assemble. If only we could have found the same bookshelves we usually get at Target, but they seemed to be out of stock, or else they don't carry them anymore. So we stopped at that. I think tomorrow I might finish tinkering with how things are arranged.

The one thing I did NOT do this weekend was get out for a run, which sucks, since it's the only time I can run during the day. I did get out for 30 minutes after work today though. It was very cold, but I actually layered up a bit too much; I was overheated after just 20 minutes or so. This weekend I shall try to run about an hour, and tomorrow or Wednesday I'll try doing some pickups or fartleks during my run. Less than two weeks until the Reindeer Romp. I am starting to feel more fully recovered from being sick, so hopefully by then I can actually be building some strength.

No new movies tonight; we watched the last Heroes of the year (it starts back up on January 22). It was frustrating but tantalizing as usual. And of course, it ended with the usual "to be continued..." I haven't followed a television show this closely, never. I didn't get into Firefly until after it had gone off the air. I also love Gargoyles, but when that was on the air it was hard to watch because the channel it was on barely came in at our house, and sometimes not at all. Ah, the miracle of DVD. Anyways, I really need to stop rambling and go to bed.

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