Friday, March 02, 2007

February Report

93.3 miles
Time: 14h 51m 17s
Avg. Pace: 9:33/mile

Time: 3h 30m 00s

Time: 30m 00s

I'm pretty pleased with February, considering it was the third coldest and fourth snowiest February in recorded history, and a combination of illness and a snowstorm prevented me from running for nearly a week straight. I seem to have rebounded from that, and I am really looking forward to the Anthem 5K tomorrow. Last month I also started to incorporate weight/resistance training (bought a couple of 10 lb. dumbbells and some ankle weights). Even though I could probably afford to join a gym, I can get by just fine with a few props at home. When we have more space I may consider a fitness ball.

The other big piece of news is that we've signed a new lease for a 877 square foot apartment with a walk-in closet, balcony, and other perks. One of the best is that a washer and dryer are included in the unit. No more laundromat! Of course, we have until August 13, but it's certainly something to look forward to.

I have no love for President Bush, but he is visiting my mother's school in New Albany, Indiana, and that is just cool. He's going to talk about "No Child Left Behind" and he chose Silver Street because of "demographics and test scores." I certainly don't agree with the politics, but I think the fact that he chose their school is something to be proud of. I wonder if he's planning to stay the night in Louisville, because I will be there tomorrow morning. I would be curious to know if he's any different in person and not in front of a camera, reading from the speech or trying to answer questions. Anyway, Mom is going to attend his press conference at the school, which will be televised, so if anyone actually reads this, tune in to CNN today around 2 p.m.! He's also going to observe a class in my mother's classroom (they'll move a fifth-grade class into her classroom for the day, I guess because it's large and looks good). Anyways, I'm going to miss it because I don't get CNN, so that's annoying. I'll just have to watch the recap on the news tonight.

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