Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Long run insanity

Sixteen miles yesterday and today I'm not even noticeably sore. The pace was a bit faster than the long run last week. I took a gel at mile 12, but I didn't even feel that I needed it that badly. Overall, the run felt really good. Normally in marathon training, the 15-16 mile mark is where I really start to feel the effects of long runs, but this was practically a breeze. I am strongly considering running 18 miles this Sunday and then taking the following week as a cutback week. That way, I'll be back on schedule and I can start moving up in mileage every other week. I'm not sure what I'm going to do today and tomorrow. I'm still scheduled for hills today, but I might push that to tomorrow since my long run was a day late as well. I would do an easy, short recovery jog today in that case.

I ran the last six miles or so in the dark, but next week I'll be able to fit 16 whole miles in after work in daylight because of Daylight Savings Time this Sunday! One whole hour of delicious daylight in which to run. I can't wait. After work running will become so much easier, especially when I get into the midweek 8-10 milers, starting next week. A lot of route possibilities open up when I don't have to worry about night falling by mile 6.

So apparently I got not one, but two mugs for my efforts in the Polar Bear Grand Prix. I got one for third place in my age group in the Snowman Shuffle 4-miler (I had thought I was fourth, but maybe they made a mistake in the posted results), and one for finishing third in the overall Grand Prix. Excellent. They are pretty mugs, one dark red and one white, with a marble-like design in white and gray, respectively, and logos of the race and series. My collection of mugs won at races rises to four! I love races where you get something useful and practical instead of a plastic trophy.

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Diana said...

Congratulations on your mugs! Isn't daylight savings time great?