Monday, March 19, 2007

This is my 200th post!

...and it's a rant.

1. Mark got pulled over! They caught him coming down a long, straight hill on Highway 46 in Brown County. Worst luck, ever--the cop was coming in the opposite direct just as Mark was reaching the bottom of the hill. The cars in front of us were going faster than Mark, but the cop pulled Mark over anyway, and wrote him a ticket. He's never been pulled over, never been in an accident, never so much as got a parking ticket. Yes, he was speeding, but it just gets me how people drive on that road and I've never seen anyone pulled over there before. In fact, I've only seen cops on that road once or twice. People drive like maniacs on 46; flagrant speeding, tailgating you up the ass if you're not driving 2o over the limit, passing dangerously (it's a two-lane highway). In fact, within 30 seconds of pulling back on the road, we were getting butt-sniffed by some idiotic girl in a Pontiac. Of all people, including many who richly deserve to be pulled over, Mark gets the ticket. I just can't stand how unfair it is.

2. The IRS lost my tax return from 2005. I got a letter (they sent it to my parents' address for some reason) that says they have record of my payment but have no record of receiving my tax return. How can they have the check but not the tax return? And why did it take them a full year to figure it out? At least own up to your mistakes, IRS. Just say you lost it and I'll send you a new copy, but don't imply that I didn't send it when you obviously received it. They managed to hold on to my check well enough. Anyways, I made a copy of my copy stamped "taxpayer's copy" and I'll send that off today. The worst thing is, I can't find any record of them cashing the check that I sent last year. I thought I remembered it clearing, but now I just don't know, and it doesn't show up on any of my bank statements. So that might still be coming out. Like I wasn't bitter enough by having to owe taxes for the second year in a row!

3. I didn't run yesterday!

Other than that it was a very nice weekend. My cousin, who I haven't seen for six years, and her husband, who I've never met, came down from Iowa. We had dinner in on Saturday, then brunch out at Bob Evans, which was really good. Then they wanted to see the Derby museum, so my dad and aunt and I went with them. I hadn't been since elementary school, so it was pretty much new to me.

And of course, the good race. If only the Brown County police and the IRS hadn't tried to ruin it!


Nitmos said...

Yes, "justice" seems very ironic...and random.

The nice thing for the IRS - or any government agency for that matter - is they don't have to PROVE anything. They are asking you to "jump" and want your response to be "How high?". ;)

GB said...

I hate getting pulled over! Sorry your man got a ticket. I hope the cop was at least courteous and polite.

I hope the tax issue works out okay. What a pain in the butt!

Anyway, enjoy the rest day!