Sunday, April 22, 2007

21.32 miles!

I had some reservations about today's long run, since I didn't feel as well-prepared as I did last time (nutrition not quite as good lately, pizza for dinner last night, not much sleep last night, not to mention worried about my seemingly-healed quad), but it went really well! My goal was to run for about the same amount of time as last time (3:30), but cover about a half mile more to get over 21 miles.

I got up very early this morning to watch a live webcast of the London Marathon (great motivation!) and then set off for the trail. I needed to go early anyway since the high today was 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I was glad I did! In fact, it was so cool this morning that I wore a thin pullover for the first 4.5 miles. It warmed up nearly 20 degrees during the course of the run, but it didn't seem to be bothering me too much. It was really a glorious day for running though--the weather in the morning could not have been more perfect. I hope the weather on race day is like this. I am SO GLAD that I got a pair of sunglasses for running though. That really helped. They're just a cheapie pair from Target, but they stay on fine and are not uncomfortable.

I tried to run comfortable and relaxed while picking up the pace slightly, and it seemed to work. Once I got into a groove, it felt fine running about a 9:53 pace. Quads started to ache a little around halfway through--but the "good" kind of ache, not the injured kind. It wasn't too bad, just kept going. Can't really say if it was better than last time, but considering the faster pace, I think it must have been. I never felt like I needed to stop, and I felt like I could have kept going at the end.

Here's the really miraculous part of the day. I made a huge mistake--I forgot to put on Vaseline! For a 21-miler! I actually didn't realize until about mile 20...because there was no chafing. Normally I am extremely prone to chafing. Depending on the shorts, it can start within just a few miles on a humid day. The reason I like the Nike Tempo Track Shorts is that I don't have so many chafing issues with them. But even with them, it can happen in as little as ten miles. So to have no chafing from shorts, sports bra, or shirt was almost unreal. I think I've found my lucky racing outfit. ;)

Two more weeks of hard training, one more long run...then the taper. Wow, time flies. This is definitely shaping up to be the best cycle of training I've ever had, by far. All I have to do is stay healthy.


Diana said...

I was glad to hear that you had such a good run today! Keep it up.

Al Durham said...

Great run! It sounds like you are ready for race day and may leave me in the dust.

Nitmos said...

Sounds like you are ready to go! Keep the positive mental thoughts flowing sounds like physically you are prepared.

Anonymous said...

21.32 is farther than I've ever run. My longest run is 16 miles... and once, in New Mexico, I did a 24 mile hike/run through the desert, but I only ran about half of it so that doesn't count. But I was thinking of running a marathon sometime in my post-graduate life. Maybe I'll be able to run one with you someday -- if I can keep up!
Lookin forward to seein you & Mark~
Erik D

GB said...

Great run! You are almost there, Mir. Keep it up. When the taper starts, you should be thinking, "Thank God the taper is here!"

jen said...

Hi, I followed your comment over here to your blog and I love it! Looks like I came right in time to see you run a PR Marathon!! :)

Great job on the long run, you are so ready to go. How exciting. I read down to your previous posts, and I have to say I know you can build up and qualify for Boston! You have the talent and the determination. :)

DawnB said...

Thank you for your visit today and your words of encouragement!!! congratulations on a great long run you are certainly ready for that PR marathon. I enjoyed reading about your history of running thank you for sharing!!!