Monday, April 30, 2007

April report and a fun weekend!

Stats for the month
182.2 miles
Time: 1 day, 5h 36m 33s
Avg. Pace: 9:45/mile

Time: 45m 00s

Another good month of running--but the ab work/resistance and yoga has definitely fallen off. Not sure what happened there. I've still been pretty good about stetching, at least.

I had a great weekend. Saturday morning I ran a 12-miler with a 5-mile marathon pace run thrown in the middle. I forgot how the pancake-flatness of northern Illinois lends itself to brutal winds. The last half of the run was run into 30 mph winds. Argh! Still, I did keep pace for the 5 miles, but only just. Afterwards, I showered and headed over to the track to watch the meet. I found out when I got there that I had missed the steeplechase, which was apparently the first event or something. Dammit! Still, it was not exactly an exciting race; one of each gender and the girl stopped to tie her shoe in the middle. Awesome. It was a pretty low-key meet. Knox's team continues to shrink. It's really pretty sad.

After that, we made plans to go out to dinner. Unfortunately, I did not specify which Chinese buffet at which to meet, so it took a little while to figure out what was going on, but soon enough we were eating, so it was all good. Good times! Sean came up from the other Bloomington and met us in the parking lot of Old Peking. Then we bought a bunch of alcohol, went to Erik D.'s massive single, and played drunken Wii until something like 3 a.m. Not too exciting on the surface, but there is really nothing better than getting together with a few dear friends and hanging out. And my arm is sore from playing a video game. Wonders will never cease.


Jason The Running Man said...

Great pics, good job with the 12 miler.

DawnB said...

nice month!!look like you had a great weekend!!!

Nitmos said...

Man, you knocked out a couple dozen more miles this month than me! I'm slacking. Looks like you are ready to roll.

Mike said...

what a great month for running.

Wow, i'm a slacker, too!!!

Al Durham said...

Great job! Countdown to Bayshore begins.. see you there.