Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Evil storms

We had some storms roll through today, just in time to prevent me from running. A little rain never hurt anyone, but a little lightning sure did, so in I am staying, for now. Every time I think maybe it's letting up, I see another flash of lightning or hear thunder. Grrr. I also could not get the Internet working at home for about an hour and a half, which was incredibly frustrating and really drove home how empty and sad my life is without running and the Internet. :-P To console myself, I washed some dishes and scrubbed out the inside of the microwave.

I haven't totally given up on running today, but I don't think my scheduled 800s will happen. I had to give up for the time being and eat dinner.

A scene from dinner tonight:

Me: I feel like we need something else besides tatoes and green beans [we're going to the grocery tonight also].
Mark: Rice? That seems kind of weird though.
Me: Yeah. I don't think tatoes and rice really go together. Oh well. I had a salmon burger for lunch. Hey, I know! I'll just have some ice cream!
Mark: Uhhh...
Me: That solves the problem. I'm good at solving problems. With ice cream.

So yeah, I had ice cream as an appetizer. I rule.

After grocery shopping, I may try to get in a short run if the run lets up, just around campus since it will be dark. I know this means missing American Idol, but it also means missing Sanjaya, so I can live with that.


GB said...

I am a firm believer that a bowl of delicious ice cream can solve the world's ills, at least in my mind.

I still don't have a favorite, favorite on American Idol. Just not feelin' it dog. But I actually voted tonight, for Lakisha and Blake.

Nitmos said...

Sanjaya...a train wreck that you can't avert your eyes from.

Yesterday it was 76 degrees...today 35. I love the midwest!

Btw, The Plague and Camus = one of my favorite books/writers.