Monday, April 16, 2007

A problematic race and a shout-out!

Congrats to the all the finishers of the Boston Marathon! They faced some of the toughest conditions in recent history, but nothing gets a good runner down. John, a RW forumite who's also part of the Indy Mini thread, finished speedily in about 3:12. I think that is a bit off his dream goal, but given the headwinds I'm sure he's pleased with that. Unless I am mistaken, I believe that is a lifetime PR by 3:xx! Imagine, running a lifetime PR by three minutes on the tough Boston course in rains and a headwind.

I was also following the races of two fellow bloggers whose blogs I've been reading now for some time. GB is a wonderful person who has been super encouraging to me, not to mention a huge inspiration! I know she was worried about the weather and wanting very badly to PR and break 3:30. Well, she apparently did not resign herself to just finishing because she came through in 3:29!! She shattered her old PR by over 10 minutes. Insane! I am SO happy for her.

I've also become an avid reader of Dianna's blog. She too has been a huge inspiration to me. Her posts always remind me why running is such a great thing, and I love reading them. She finished in 3:33, which I believe is about a 2-minute PR. Yaaaaay!

There is so much inspiration to be found...

My own race was a little more problematic, I hate to say. The 15K on Saturday had temperatures of 39 degrees, wind, and a little rain. I got off to a good start (first mile split was 7:50), but around mile two my legs suddenly felt dead. I was surprised at that since I've taken it so easy this past week because of the quad pain. I slugged through and and actually started to feel quite a bit better. However, after the 3-mile mark or, I do not trust the posted mile marks, so my splits are suspect. The posted 3-mile mark came and went. After 27 seconds I hit a timing mat that I figured had to be the 5K mark, even 27 seconds for a 0.10 is too fast for me. So I knew something was up. I continued to hit my Garmin at each mile marker, but they felt like they were off. I was further confused when the 6-mile mark and the timing mat (which I had thought would denote the 10K mark) were in the same place. Later I found that the timing mats were for 3 and 6 miles. Weird, but whatever. So the posted 3-mile marker that I saw? Completely meaningless. It was probably 2.93 miles or something.

Around mile 6 my quad started to bother me again. Arrgh! It wasn't bad, so I kept going, although I pulled back the pace a little. I was also noticing that my Garmin and the suspect mile markers were off by about 0.20-0.30 miles! There will always be a discrepancy due to the way race courses are measured, but this seemed a little too much. Maybe it was because of the way I was running around puddles and taking turns very widely and cautiously to avoid slipping. And there were quite a lot of turns. I've heard no word that the race was long, so I suppose that will have to account for it.

The quad worsened a little, but I slogged home in 1:19:37, 8:33 pace (according to my Garmin I ran 9.3 in 1:17:04 or 8:18 pace, but I can't count it as a PR). Frustrating! The quad hurt (not badly) the rest of the day, but yesterday I could barely feel it and today and it feels good as new. I am taking at least two full days off of everything. I'll try it again tomorrow and see how it goes. I think if I can stay healthy for the mini, I still have a shot at breaking 1:50. The distance there is probably regulated a little more closely, and I can probably trust the mile markers a little more. Keeping fingers crossed for the quad!

The good news is, I was 7th in my division, which is pretty darn good for a largish race! I imagine a lot of people were scared away by the bad weather, but there were still 1000 people there. The weather wasn't even that bad once we got going.


Al Durham said...

Great race. Good job plugging though even though you felt dead. How long till

GB said...

Aaaw, Mir, thank you! Hey, that race wasn't bad at all. An 8:18 pace is pretty darn fast, and 7th in your division is awesome!!! I hope the quad is treating you better today.