Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's taper time, baby!

I welcome it yet dread it. I am certainly glad to be able to take it easy for a few weeks, especially since we just got Final Fantasy XII and it's addictive. At the same time though, I feel powerless and antsy. I've basically done all I can. Now I have to trust in my training, rest up, and be good nutritionally. Was it all enough? I'll find out in 2.5 weeks.

After the mini I was feeling a little worried, but I'm putting it all in perspective and I think I'll be fine. I've put in a lot of good training and the taper has only just begun. I know from experience that even though I might feel like I haven't run hard in forever on race day, my body will remember, and be rested enough to capitalize.

I've also already started to look forward a bit, and start planning my fall season. I've registered for the Twin Cities Marathon, which I will be running with my friend Erik D. Well, "with" might be a loose term, because Erik D. is much faster than me. This guy can knock down an 8K in 27:09! But he might ease back enough to run with my slow ass. It will be his first marathon!

This July will be the inaugural Red Eye Relay, a 100-mile relay held here in Bloomington. I came across the web site and e-mailed my friend Michelle, saying "Wouldn't this be crazy?" Well, she asked some of her friends from school, and voila! We have seven interested parties and I think we're actually going to do this. Each person will run three legs for a total of something between 12 and 18 miles apiece. I've never done anything like this before and I am ridiculously excited.

Other than, I'll be on the lookout for shorter races throughout the summer and early fall, but maybe not so many as this spring.

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Al Durham said...

I know.. I hate the taper time. Feel so lazy... Do you have a link for that Red Eye Relay? I have a team and actually need 5 more people for the Hood to Coast Relay in late August. Here is a link to that site:

If you can find any interested runners that would be great. The only requirement is that they know how to have fun and have a 9 minute of better 10K pace.