Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mill Race Race 15K race report


The last time I set one (in an event that wasn't completely new) was 2004. Early 2004. I broke this one by 1:23, the post-college one by 3:19. Weeeeee!

This was a great race in Columbus, IN. I've never really been there, except to go through on the way between Bloomington and Louisville. I was very impressed with the race overall. The only probably was that the last couple of miles of the 5K and the 15K were on the same stretch, a narrow park path. There was a bit of dodging involved, but not a big deal.

The plan was to go out around 8-8:10/mile and hold that as long as I could. The first mile was way too fast at 7:31, but the rest were in good range except for the last two. My overall pace was 8:11, for 1:16:19. According to Mark, I was 9th overall among women. It wasn't a huge race, but it was good-sized, so I'm pretty excited about it. I feel much better about the coming marathon. Time to celebrate!!

I was going so fast that I was blurry! :-P

This was a sculpture near the finish line that I just really liked. You can't really tell from this picture, but there are flowers twined all along the tendrils of the lady's train.


DawnB said...

Nice job Mir!! great splits and you look great!! You have inspired me to use one of my race photos. congratulations on a good race you really stayed focus

GB said...

Congratulations, Mir. What an awesome race! Way to pull off that new PR. You rock!

Nitmos said...

Nice job! A PR is always very nice. Sounds like you have a nice head of steam going into your marathon. Keep it rolling!

John Fenton said...

Congrats on the new PR. That's a nice effort. I ran that race two years ago (a couple minutes slower than you just ran it).

It's a nice race. I should really try to make it over next year.


Al Durham said...

Congradualtions on the PR! It always feels good to run fast and break a personal record after tons of LSD training for a marathon. Good luck at the upcomming marathon. Under 4 hours your goal?

jen said...

Whoo hoo! Sweet PR! You really ran a fast pace, and sounds like you were pretty consistant. Great job on the big PR! You should be feeling sooo good about your upcoming marathon!

I love that first pic. of you! It's hard to get a pic that really looks like RUNNING, but you nailed it! I'd frame that one! :)

Mike said...

awesome job on the race!!!!

Nuke Runner said...

Congratulations! Great race!

DawnB said...

good luck with your 5k on Saturday!!!have fun