Friday, November 09, 2007

10K tomorrow: Time to set some goals

But first, this story about Ryan Shay from the New York Times made me cry.

So, a little sobered and certainly more mindful than ever that every race, every run, and indeed every moment of every day is a gift, my thoughts turn to tomorow's 10K. I don't run this distance often, mostly because it's just not that easy to find. My last one, and only one this year, was in March. I ran 49:16 there, which is my post-college PR. So, what can I accomplish here?

My lifetime PR of 45:38 is prooooobably not going to be reachable at this point. :) But I think I definitely have a good chance of reducing the gap between lifetime and post-college PRs. It's a hilly course, but then every course in Bloomington is a hilly course. So without further ado:

A. Break 49! (7:52/mile pace)
B. Reduce the PR gap to 3 minutes--48:38 (7:49/mile pace)*
C. Dream goal: break 48! (7:43/mile pace)

*This lines up exactly with the McMillan prediction based on my 5K two weeks ago

The hills will make these challenging goals but hey...for every uphill there's a downhill!
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