Sunday, November 04, 2007

Base training, Week 3

Week 3

Sunday, October 28: 6 miles long (6.5 in 59:57 > 9:14/mile)
Monday, October 29: 3 miles GA (weights) (26:20 > 8:47/mile)
Tuesday, October 30: off
Wednesday, October 31: LT workout, 5 miles total (weights) (6 easy in 57:50 > 9:39/mile)
Thursday, November 1: 3 miles GA (27:48 > 9:16/mile)
Friday, November 2: off (weights) (30 min bike, 7.93 miles)
Saturday, November 3: 2 miles GA (2.24 in 20:46 > 9:17/mile)

Target: 19 (20.7)

The week went pretty well. I decided to ditch the tempo run, but added a short session on the stationary bike just to see what it was like. I think I might keep that on the schedule once a week, probably still on Fridays. I was a little over my target, but not by much so I'll take it.

Doing a tempo run during the upcoming week is up in the air too, since I have a race on Saturday. I'll just see how I feel that day. Here's next week:

Week 4

Sunday, November 4: 9 miles long
Monday, November 5: 3 miles GA (weights)
Tuesday, November 6: 3 miles easy
Wednesday, November 7: LT workout, 5 miles total (weights)
Thursday, November 8: 3 miles easy/GA
Friday, November 9: off (weights)
Saturday, November 10: 10K race (8 miles total)

Target: 30

I ran 9.1 today in 1:23:58, a 9:14 pace.


DawnB said...

you're doing great with your build up. Nice job.

Russ said...

you are doing great...4 hours is toast (assuming global warming isn't a year round phenomena)!