Monday, March 03, 2008

Warning: self pity to follow

Well, at least my foot is better. But nevertheless, yesterday's long run will go down as one of the most miserable runs I've ever had. I don't even know why. My jaw still aches a little from the surgery, but that's about it. I felt completely drained when I tried to run. I set out planning to do as much as I felt like doing, and I figured I'd be able to manage at least 10-12 miles, if not my scheduled 17. Nope. I made it 3.9 and staggered back to the car, defeated. I knew I wouldn't be able to jump right back into my schedule, but I had hoped to get myself back on track relatively soon. I didn't expect it would be this bad.

I hope things get better soon so I can catch up.


DawnB said...

do it tomorrow

jen said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your miserable run- I can definitely relate. Don't be too hard on yourself though, your body is demanding a little more rest and you must comply. Get out there again soon, and it won't take but a few good runs to get right back in top shape. (hug)

James said...

Missing a couple of runs to heal up is not going to kill least physically.

You've still got plenty of time. Be smart and give yourself time to heal up. Then will compare notes on the KDF.