Friday, October 31, 2008

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon: Goals

So, I guess it's about that time. The time when I make goals. Oh yeah.

Actually, this will be a pretty simple goal-setting session, because I only really have one goal: to BQ. That's it. If I qualify, I will be happy. If I don't qualify, I will be disappointed.

3:40:59. End of story.

And it is certainly risky, no bones about it. I will have to enjoy a near-perfect day to get my 3:40. So by making that my only goal, I'm possibly setting myself up for disappointment. But let's be realistic. I really want to do it, it's the main thing that I've been training for all last year and this year, and now it's time to throw down.



squirrel1.1 said...

Good luck tomorrow. No excuses, get it done.

Girl on Top said...

Good luck!

screaminzab said...

Good luck. Go for it. It supposed to be decent here(Chicago), so I think you could get away with the tech tee and a throwaway.

Nuke Runner said...

Good Luck! Do your best, we'll be rooting for you.

Joe said...

Go get 'em, Mir! Leave it all on the street!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!