Thursday, August 20, 2009

The fall racing season

It is going to be an interesting cycle. After two months of very little running, I'm about to start marathon training again. I mapped out my schedule (a Pfitz 12-weeker), which starts August 30 and culminates with the Philadelphia Marathon on November 22. I have one, possibly two half marathons planned in the interim.

And that's about all I really know. I don't know about goals, and I certainly don't know what to expect. With my current fitness, even the first week of the schedule is going to be challenging. I am fully prepared to modify it, and I will probably have to.

I do have one hopeful sign, which I'm clinging to for dear life. The Red Eye Relay went unexpectedly well for me; in fact, I had a pace PR. Last year (on a solid base) I averaged about 8:00/mile, and fell apart during the last leg. This year (on a shaky base, after barely making it through a 9-mile trail run just a week before), I ran strongly on all three legs and finished with a 7:54/mile average. Since then, I still had two very low-mileage weeks, but have since picked the ball back up.

I believe I needed some time off physically and mentally to recuperate from what was basically a two-year push to BQ. Maybe I'm just well-rested? Time will tell. I think I'm going to run the Capital City River Run Half Marathon in late September to tell me how I'm doing.


Susan said...

Philly...then Boston...we have the same race schedule! We'll have to meet up. :)

L.A. Runner said...

It sounds like a perfect plan! Good luck w/ all the training, and have fun w/ the racing!