Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Me and my buddy DOMS

Forty-eight hours since the race and I have some fairly significant DOMS action going on. This is unusual for me after a half, and actually it's a good thing because it means I gave a good account of myself in that race. I really wasn't holding out much hope for this fall, but some focused hard work has paid off and I feel good about another marathon PR in a few more weeks.

So, having the race (mine and others') to focus has been good for the past couple of weeks. But now the next item on the agenda is the trial and I am starting to freak out. I have a big running week, and that is going to help provided I can fit the runs in. My buddy DOMS, however, is not going to help. I work up early this morning, planning on an MLR, but decided to sleep in because I was still sore. I could have run, but thought giving it an extra 12 hours at least might help. I'll go for another short recovery run today at lunch, both to shake out the legs and to prevent freakout. And then hopefully something a bit longer tonight after meeting with the prosecutor.


L.A. Runner said...

Congrats on your recent half. I hope it gives you all the confidence you need in the upcoming weeks before your full!

Susan said...

I hope that running calms your nerves a little bit about the trial...I'll be thinking about you.

It would definitely be fun to have a running buddy in Philly...I'm going to see how my legs feel getting back into running. I don't want to hold you back!