Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey look, another hiatus

Once again, a month goes by between posts. I'm terrible at blogging, really. But I am grateful that the year ended and began anew in such a different manner than last year.

I don't know what to say about 2009. I'm glad it's over, but at the same time I can't leave it behind. It is the year of my marriage and of a lot of good books. It is the year I PRed in almost every race and qualified for Boston at last, not once, but twice. And it's the year of the personal triumph of helping to put a sexual predator away, hopefully for good. The only problem is that I felt like I was going crazy the whole time and my running and reading became lifelines rather than just things I enjoy. How could 2010 compare? I certainly don't want anything else bad to happen, to me or to anyone else. In fact, I would dearly love a nice boring year. At the same time, I've never liked being bored. It's a weird feeling!

I know that 2010 will offer some challenges. We're looking to buy a house, and along with goals in reading and running, I'm sure I'll stay plenty busy.

I kicked off my 2010 race schedule with the First Light Half Marathon in Mobile, Alabama. I was on the lookout for a winter half (pretty much zilch around here unless you like running in circles) and also wanted to go visit Michelle in Mobile at some point soon. What do you know, a marathon/half marathon right in Mobile in January! A nicely sized race and one benefiting a good cause, even. Combine with that the fact that I'd have a chance to meet some fellow RWOL forumites, and seriously, how could I not be all for it?

I'd never been to Alabama before (driving through on the way to Florida does not count) and really enjoyed it. It was a little surreal to step off the plane and see palm trees and huge, gnarled oaks with their leaves still on and veils of pale moss hanging down. Really a very lovely experience to run among such scenery, especially in January.

Despite all the great things about the weekend, the race itself didn't go very well for me; I finished about 4.5 minute short of my PR. I held PR pace for about the first half but was already working too hard. I faded and just eased up in the last two miles. I'm not broken up about it, though! Not every race can be "PRs and sunshine," as Flo would say. It was a great weekend, and the bad race will become a good motivator for Boston training. I met fellow blogger and forumite LA Runner for the first time and she presented me with a little "Welcome to Alabama" kit: sweet tea, spice rub, and homemade cookies. It's always nice to find out that someone you've admired from afar turns out to amazing in person as well. Along with meeting forumites Shake Your Money Maker (SYMM) and Bird, I got to spend a whole weekend with one of my best friends from college, Michelle. So how could I possibly be broken up?

It's time to train for BOSTON, baby!!! 3:30 or bust!


Van 1- Hall said...

awesome article in the paper as well! you do good things kids, well except the Knox degree ;)

Elizabeth said...

2009 was really a landmark year for you. I am hoping that 2010 is my year of getting married and BQing. Sorry that the half marathon didn't go as you would have liked, but you still ran a very fast time. I know you will get your Boston 3:30-- it is well deserved. What was the best book you read?