Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have joined the cult

The Garmin cult, that is. Thanks to my friend Rex from running group, who recently upgraded his Forerunner 305 to the shiny new 405, I am the proud new owner of a GPS watch. (Or, I should say, the use of a GPS watch--if he ever needs it back, back it goes, of course!)

It's been interesting to pore over the heart rate readings, something I've never gotten into before. I still need to read up a little more on HR zones and whatnot, but I'm on my way. It's especially nice to be able to just turn and run down any little side road or alley without having to worry about remembering the route later to map. I'm delving a bit into SportTracks also. I'm sure there are still many features I haven't even scratched the surface of yet. I love how behind the times I am.

I started marathon training, more or less. I've decided to pursue my "no speedwork" idea. I've been doing lots of 5Ks and this morning I did some hill reps on a long, steep hill, but just at regular pace, not like real hill reps. But other than that it's been LSD all the way. So far, so good: This past weekend I ran a 21:49 at a very hilly 5K. We determined the course was ever so slightly short, but it was still a comparable time to the flat 21:57 I ran two weeks before. Now I have to find a flat 5K, but the next month will be so busy that I probably won't be able to race another until August. So it'll be interesting to see what happens next time I race.


L.A. Runner said...

Whooohoooo- new toy! Have fun! I think the Garmin is a great training tool.

Joe said...

Yeah, the Garmin is a nice addition. I sure find it helpful.

Keep enjoying the summer!

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