Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The floor goes ever on and on.

Mark and I took advantage of Bloomington's Bulky Item Drop-Off Days to rid ourselves of our old floor(s). That's two different kinds of carpet, fake-hardwood-laminate, some linoleum, and some tiles that I really didn't like very much.

You can imagine my relief that it's all gone now. The fake-hardwood-laminate was nice-looking, but it was only in the kitchen. We've wanted a nice unified feel throughout the first floor ever since we moved in. Especially since Rudy joined us! A white carpet and a black dog really do not go together very well.

We priced a number of contractors before deciding to just do the job ourselves. We're going with a floating bamboo floor, one of those ones that locks together and is supposedly easy to do. One of the expenses that drives up the contractors' prices was removal and disposal of the existing floor. Even though we're not getting our materials delivered for another couple of weeks, we couldn't pass up the chance to dispose of the old floor basically for free. All we had to pay for was the gas to make three trips with our little hatchback over to the fairgrounds (which wasn't nothing, of course, but still WAY less than renting a truck or a dumpster). With the seats folded down, our little hatchback can take a surprising amount of cargo.

The downside to saving the money on floor disposal is that we'll be living in an echo-y, concrete-y house for the next couple of weeks, and THEN the real work begins.

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