Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trail racing: Where have you been all my life?

I'm hooked on trail racing! It helps that in my first race out I snagged an AG win and got a pretty medal...

...and it also helps that there was a Qdoba buffet for nomming afterward. This surely won't happen at all trail races, although other races in the DINO series should have the Qdoba. But I also just loved the race itself. It was a wet, muddy, awesome time, with rain pouring down for most of it and wet branches slapping me in the face.

The trail (Town Run Trail Park in Indy) was a really nice one, much different than the sort we have in my neck of the woods. The trails around here are all hills and creek crossings. This one didn't have much of the former, and it had none of the latter (probably why I didn't get as wet/muddy as I thought I would). Parts of it ran along the White River, and it was very twisty and turny. Many of the trees were HUGE.

There's a trail half coming up in May (Run With the Foxes) and another DINO 15K in Brown County in early June, and I'm eyeing both. YEAH trail racing!

Oh, and look what turned up today:

Once we let that wood sit for a few days, it'll finally be time to put down our new floor!

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