Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I've gotten Eve's story (now called Anna's story) to a point where I'm almost ready to let other people read it. That's a huge load off my chest, because I wasn't sure how long that would take. It still needs work before I'll be satisfied enough with it, but after it's workshopped, I'll have plenty of time to fix things.

Yesterday, I was actually a full day ahead...it was kind of fun. Now that it's tomorrow, I guess I'm not a full day ahead, but I have everything done for this afternoon, and I can spend the time after lunch in the library reading for tomorrow. Excitement! I stayed up until 4 AM last night talking to Mark and working on Anna's story. Things look good, in more ways than one. Now I've just slept in until 11 AM and am getting ready to go to lunch.

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