Monday, January 13, 2003

Oh, my. If this past weekend was any indication of what my weekends are going to be like overall this term, then yikes. I did go to see The Two Towers with Mark, Hannah, and Chris, and also hang out with Margaret some at Pat's show and some yesterday (Sunday), but other than that, I was probably reading. I didn't go out (other than the movie) at all. After the movie, I settled down to read until about 4 in the morning (meanwhile the Beta house across the street was blaring, since it was their Mardi Gras party). Also, for each class, I have written work to do, which doesn't always happen daily for classes here. For 285, I have to answer questions about the reading that Mark Spence e-mails us, and for 330 I have to write my own discussion questions. For 307 I have to write copious comments on the peer-written stories, of which there are three, and which I have not even looked at yet. On top of that, I have to get Eve's story ready to be workshopped by Wednesday. Aaaack!

It would be easy to think, that, attended Knox and only taking three classes at a time, that the workload wouldn't be so bad. Oh, it's bad. The amount of work you have to put into each class is intense. The professors have this idea that their class is in fact the only one you're taking, so they pile on the work. With three such classes, you're in for a lot of time spent in the library. I've gotten perhaps the most auspicious start I've ever had here, and I can only hope that it will continue to go well.

Margaret's visit was fun, even though I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked. She might not be coming next weekend for my birthday (Sean might go and see her instead), so it'll be a while before I see her again (but hopefully just two weeks instead of half a year). We didn't have a meet, which gave me some extra time to read, and I went to practice on Saturday and then actually made it to the weight room on Sunday to work out with Michelle. If I keep this up, I am going to be really, really buff.

Next weekend will be a challenge, because we have an away meet, and of course, my birthday's on Sunday. Yeah. We'll see. I just have to be a complete fiend this week and on Friday especially, so I won't have too much to do on the weekend proper. Must get lots of sleep too. Can I have thirty-hour days? Please?

Well, in light of the fiendishness, I must get back to Gogol's "The Overcoat."

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