Sunday, January 05, 2003

People are here now! I love it. Tomorrow is the first day of winter term, so yesterday and today have been a bustle of people arriving and moving their stuff back in after the long six-week break. Hannah, Maggie, and Caroline are all here now (we ate dinner in the Gizmo with Michelle). Mark, Chris, and Sean are all still to come. Soon, hopefully, since I worry like a mofo. Mark and Chris are together, since they went to some sort of track coaching seminar in Iowa this weekend. Sean was at Margaret's this morning, and he had to go to Sterling and do laundry before he could come here, so I imagine it'll be pretty late before he finally arrives. Ellie just got here. =) I love coming back to school.

I've already been here since very early Saturday morning. Friday night at about 8:30, I was all packed and ready to go the next morning. My dad walked into the room and asked me, "Why don't we just go now?" So, we did. We arrived at Knox around 2:30, Eastern, 1:30 local time. It was a much better idea--the way my sleeping schedule has been going, I'm practically nocturnal. I usually wake up around 3 or 4 PM, and then I go to bed at 4 or 5 AM. The absence of a job this break has facilitated the bummishness. It was nice to sleep so much (I really needed it), but I wish very much I could've found a job, since as usual the money situation is tight.

My dad drove until some distance out of Indianapolis, and I took over when he got tired. He fell asleep somewhere around Champagne, and I was left alone to drive through the darkness. It was a good trip. There's something about driving alone at night, with nothing but the stars for company. I thought of a phrase that might turn into a story one of these days--sharing the night with the stars. More accurately, the stars were sharing the night with me, since they were probably there first. But I like the sound of it. The Midwest is very flat, and between cities, lights off the road are few after midnight. The only others on the highway were the semi trucks, who moved much slower than me. When I passed them, I felt like I was flying. Sometimes I looked in all my mirrors, and ahead, and there was nothing but blackness. It was surreal.

Mark and Chris just got back. I am relieved. =) They both have a chapter meeting for TKE, so Mark won't be able to come see me until about 10:30 or so...sigh. Now if only Sean would get here, then I could stop worrying. And Margaret is coming to visit next weekend. She leaves for Denmark on January 29, so she'll probably be down here a couple of times to visit and stay with Sean. Pat is apparently having a show next weekend, too, which I hope means with his own band, Outlet. They came last year on my birthday, and it was a good time. They're from Pennsylvania, so it's a big deal for them to come all the way here. They're really good. =)

I think I will have Easy Mac. Yes, it's time.

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