Monday, March 10, 2003

I just gave my presentation for history, and I think it went well, but the important thing is that it's OVER! =) It was a group presentation, but I was the one to give the opening, and also there was a three minute period where I was giving my individual school of thought. Eeeek! It was scary, but I think I made sense.

Now I just have about sixty pages of reading for tomorrow afternoon, and all that's left is finals, and if I can swing it, finishing up my Richter grant application. In a week (in less than a week in fact) I will be home. Actually, by this time we might even be leaving for Michigan. I heard it's going to get warmer this weekend, like high 60s. Oooh. I really want to get everything done by Friday night. I want to sleep in on Saturday morning, maybe straighten up the room/my desk, possibly even rearrange, depending on Hannah's schedule. I think Hannah's last thing is the portfolio, so hopefully she'll be up for the reorganization that morning if she's awake. It's probably best to wait until we get back from the Road Trip of Awesomeness, so we'll see what happens.

Track is over. Temporarily, anyway. The conference meet was this past weekend. I did not run well. I'm just glad it's over. This whole season just seemed like a waste of time to me. But would I have been happy not doing track? Probably not. I hope outdoor is better. Mostly because of the meet, I got nothing done this weekend other than preparing for the history presentation, which actually ended up taking quite a bit of time. I played Warcraft a lot. Silly me. I really don't have time for it. I might have to play this afternoon for a while, but I'll probably wait until after my meeting with Monica, and try to use those couple of hours before to get my Russian reading done or close to done. I'll have all of tonight to do it too. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I want to devote completely to finals.

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