Tuesday, March 11, 2003

What an absolutely wonderful day. The weather has softened, and it's a pleasure to go outside and feel the cool air, breath it in, use it to fill my lungs. I feel newly motivated today as well. I was up until 6 AM this morning finishing my reading for 330, but the point is that it is DONE. No more classes. Just finals, and then it will be over.

I woke up at 10:30 to go to lunch early and then I got started outlining my research paper for 285. Now that I've actually started it, even that doesn't look so bad in the light of today. This is good. I basically have three and a half full days to do everything (well, more like three for the history paper), and I feel that it is possible to do everything, and to do it well enough to at least maintain the grades I currently have in all three classes. Not exactly sure what those are for the most part, but I think they will be good.

I have a track meeting today at 4:15. There is practice too, but I'm not going to stay for that. I'm either going to grab an early dinner and then take a nap so I can get started on stuff around 7 or so, or else nap and then get dinner. I would like to run today, but I want to get more done before I take another break and it would be far more efficient to run on my own later if I have time. I've about had it with the whole team thing, anyway. I need a break from it, then I can be all pumped for outdoor and...STEEPLECHASE!!

It is interesting to look back as far as last winter term and how different things were then. It hasn't been much in my mind, to be honest, but writing here in my blog reminds me of writing in it last year around this time. Things are just so much better now. More stress, but more relief from it too, and I just feel better about it. Matthew drained me, but Mark returns the love I give him, and that has made all the difference.

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