Friday, March 28, 2003

Last episode of the road trip saga: After the park, we drove back and stopped at Wal-Mart on the way so I could buy film. Then we headed back to Michelle's and played more Mario Bros until dinner. After dinner, we watched X-Files more and then got to talking about high school and middle school, along with Michelle's sister, Amanda, who is a couple of years older. We stayed up until about two in the morning, which is later than we'd ever stayed up before during the road trip, and just talked high school and how different things are now.

Sunday: After sleeping in (of course), we got ourselves packed up and ready to go, and then off we went to Galesburg. We stopped for a little while in Sterling to visit Sean, and he showed us around town and took us for a walk in the park where the Sterling Invite XC meet is held, which apparently Sean, Margaret and Michelle all ran in high school at the same time, which is definitely funny to think about now. I had never seen Sean's house or really met Sean's parents before, so it was nice to see where he's coming from.

Our last stop on the trip was the stable where Hannah's horse, Tucker, lives. She introduced us to him (he's so cute) and I even got to give him a sugar cube. You never realize how huge horses are until you're right next to one. Mark and Michelle kind of kept their distance, but I was brave enough to touch them (a little). Tucker's a good little horse...he was all muddy and shedding his winter coat, but it seemed like he is so in love with Hannah...he came right up to her when she approached the paddock, and kept nosing and nuzzling at her. The people there all knew her too, of course, since she helps out with the other horses too as well as take care of Tucker, and has actually been working there for over a year. It was nice to see Hannah in her own domain, not only at her own house, but at the stable.

And that about wraps up the road trip. I wasn't quite ready for the term to start, but at least I got the best spring break I've ever had.

And that brings me back up to the present day. It's raining, and it's cold. It's all very disappointing, after several days of gorgeous warm weather. Tomorrow it will supposedly snow, but I think the chances are slim. Our track meet for tomorrow was cancelled, so I have another of those precious free weekends that I never seem to use to its full advantage. Perhaps I will this time. Get a head start on stuff so I can have time next week to actually do something.

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