Sunday, March 30, 2003

I'm supposed to write in my journal more often for fiction workshop, so I am attempting to. Yeah, it's part of my homework...yeah...

I just made Easy Mac, and down in the kitchen was this huge group of people who really annoy me. Some of them have been in lit and writing classes with me before. I am trying to figure out exactly why it is they annoy me so much. They all would have been social outcasts in high school, but then so was that can' t be it. I mean, they fit into the "weirder-than-me" category, so it's possible it's just because I don't understand them. One thing they do a lot is play this game in Post Lobby where they dance on some kind of plastic pad in front of a TV, usually two at a time. I saw them at it all the time last year when I lived in Post. Maybe it's just the way they stare worshipfully and fixedly right at the screen the whole time, or the way those who aren't playing look on hungrily. I shouldn't talk, because I just spent the whole weekend playing Warcraft. But at least Warcraft is in the privacy of my room. I hate them in class, too. They're always making snotty, arrogant comments, a la Susan in fiction workshop. Never quite as bad, but it still gets under my skin. Maybe I'm just jealous that they have time to do ALL their work, plus crowd into the kitchen to hang out all the time, plus play this game. Hmph. I pretty much have to pick one, and then track. Gah, only the first week, and not even a meet yet, and already I want it to be over. The only thing keeping me around is steeplechase, I swear.

It was a nice, quite weekend. Hannah went home, so Mark was here all day yesterday. I lived out my dream of playing Warcraft all day. Well, not my dream. Let's just say I thought it would be funny if it happened. It did, and I felt tired and had eye strain by the end of the day. We went to bed pretty early...12:30ish, and got up around 11 AM today. I played two more times, and beat the game! So now I should be able to stop, right? I think I'll have to beat it again, so I can see what happens; the computer locked up just as I completed the main quest.

I wonder why I like that game so much. I mean, I like medieval-type fighting and the whole idea of heroes and magic, but most computer games I lose interest in pretty fast. That would be an interesting question to answer, and if I ever do answer it, I'll get back to you. Anyway, I ought to get to work.

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