Monday, March 24, 2003

Oh, my. What a week. Well, I should start at the beginning. I'll start with the end of the term, which didn't end as soon as I wanted it to.

I certainly did NOT get done with my fiction portfolio by midnight. In fact, I worked on it all night and finally got it done the next afternoon around one. By then I was practically demented from lack of sleep and we'd hoped to leave by noon. I hurried through shower, packing, and tying up the necessary loose ends and then suddenly we were on the road.

Saturday: Six-hour trip to Clarksville. Probably the most eventful stretch of driving. Everything was fine until Indianapolis and then around that time I started to have really bad stomach pains. Horrible, horrible pains, like I was doubled up and could barely move. They went away. Then, just south of Indy, we ran over some sort of metal object in the road. There was no avoiding it. We stopped and found that the front of the car was scratched up a little, and the license plate holders on front and back were cracked, but no other apparent damage. Actually I'm not sure which happened first. Anyway, nothing else happened and we made it safely to Clarksville around 10:30-11 local time, where my parents fed us fondue and then we all zonked.

Sunday: It was so absolutely wonderful to sleep! Mark and I slept in until like 11 or something and then we got up and decided to go running. I drove good old Baloo and we dropped Hannah off in the park by the river in Clarksville and then we parked the car near the bridge and ran across and ran around Waterfront Park in Louisville. Thomas came with us. We also went to the Belvidere, but the fountain wasn't in commission.
After the running, we showered and ate and I took everyone over to Louisville to spend the day. We went to ear x-tacy and walked up and down Bardstown Road for a while, and then decided to go back and have dinner. Got a smidgeon lost on the way back and I managed to run a red light on a left turn onto Main Street, but it's all good.
Dinner was lovely barbeque chicken wings and potato salad. I ate a ton (it was wonderful to feel hungry again) and then we watched a couple of movies and went to bed.

I'll tell the Michigan segment tomorrow. Anyway, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for spring term, and such a auspicious start to it compared to last year. The room was rearranged last night and is sort of clean (will get cleaner).

I've only had one class so far (Enlightenment) and it doesn't look so bad. Lots of papers, but most of them are short and if I know Steckley, they won't be impossible. That man is so cute. One large research paper and it sounds like it will be doable. Environmental Lit is next, and then Fiction Workshop with Hellenga tomorrow.

It's warm, and I'm happy.

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