Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I wrote some more, and figured out some new threads that my story will encompass, what the tension might be, and what the main theme is. It's going to be about home. Going home, being at home. Where exactly is home? I added a scene in which Richard, Nadine's boyfriend, asks her about the future. And suddenly she is forced into a position that subconsciously makes her worry that she'll turn into Beth--away from home and missing it. She feels at home now; she doesn't want anything to change. I'm toying with the idea of telling some of this from Beth's point of view as well. Partly because I need/want to make her more sympathetic, and to represent her feelings about home as well. And what will the conclusion be? Still not sure about that. I think I need to write a few more scenes, probably another interaction between Beth and Nadine, before I know exactly where this is going.

In more mundane news: it's TKE week, and therefore Mark is busy with pledge stuff and has to spend most of his time at the house. I only see him at practice and at dinner. It's annoying but not a big deal because we still talk online at night.

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