Monday, March 31, 2003

I actually wrote last night. I don't think it was particularly compelling or even well-written, but it's a start and I believe it might have potential. The idea stems from my recent problems with Maggie. I had a fight with her on Friday night and then another one last night. She has somehow become fixated on this idea that I don't care about her anymore, because I couldn't spend as much time with her last term and be supportive about her problems. She basically took anything negative she can find, like the whole away message fiasco and the fact that I have been more distant lately, and ignores the numerous instances when I have tried to be supportive and was met only with rudeness, dismissal, or brusqueness. Basically I am trying to convey this whole painful idea of the breakdown of a friendship through this story. I am probably too close to this problem right now to write well about it, but I think it might help to get it out.

It has occurred to me a couple of times lately that I should base a character on Matthew. He would certainly make for a very interesting and conflicting character, and it wouldn't be hard to make him sympathetic. So much anger against a world that cannot seem to meet his expectations, so much anger against himself because he knows what his problem is and still cannot do anything about it. Ooh. I'm not sure if integrating these two would be useful, but I think Matthew could be compelling on paper. Maybe another story in the works, if this one doesn't work out.

If I make sure not to be too sentimental, the Maggie story could work, though. Themes of friendship, selfishness, living in the world the way it is, and that kind of thing. Could be good, but I'll have to be careful. The way it is now, I have Maggie aka Beth and her friend Nadine (aka me) at a graduate school somewhere in the Midwest. Weeeeeee'll see.

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