Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Things are going much better. I haven't really talked to Mark all that much lately, but I feel better than ever about the whole thing. He sent me a couple of e-mails and messages and that really helped. I think a lot of it is that I'm getting used to it. The days are going by and I'm having a lot of good times, so there is nothing wrong.

This weekend I am going to run my first 5K since track season. I think I might just let my goal be to beat my last 5K time, which was 23 something. That might be too easy though...honestly, if I'm not under 23, I'll be pretty disappointed. Overall, I feel worlds better than I did during track season. I feel like I'm capable of running in the 21s again...maybe even in the 20s. We'll see. I have a long way to go yet. We did our long run yesterday and I felt really good...we hit an hour almost exactly for about 7 miles. The day before, Michelle, Jason, and I ran about 4 miles. Last week we ran 31.5 miles. This week I want to get above 35...maybe 37 or so.

I spent quite a bit of yesterday writing down recipes and have decided to buy a baking pan. Am I feeling all right? Teehee. Part of me wants to try something more interesting than canned beef stew, and another part wants to show people that I really can cook. So I copied down some recipes that don't sound too hard and I think I'm going to try at least one out this weekend. I'll probably have to switch from Aldi to EconoFoods to get some of this stuff. But if I can survive until Friday, I should be getting a fairly substantial paycheck or two, so I'll have plenty of money to work with. I might even treat myself to a DVD. =)

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