Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Yeah...it's been a while.

I finished out the term, at last, hopefully on top of my grades, although grades haven't be released yet so I can't be sure, especially about history and fiction. Hopefully they will be soon. I have a chance of making cum laude if I can average A-s for the rest of my time here. It would be really nice if instead of just announcing my name, they also had something to say along with my name. Yeah. The graduation anxiety comes from the fact that I just witnessed (and covered/wrote a story on) the last graduation at Knox before my own. This was a scary thought.

I was looking into grad schools last night and found a program at IU that I think would be perfect for me: a dual master's program in journalism and library science. It would take longer than I anticipated grad school taking, so I'll have to see. I can complete journalism by itself in two semesters and a summer session, and library science by itself I think is about two years. The dual also costs about twice as much...eeeek. So I need to see about financial aid. I sent off for an application and mentioned in the comments box that I am interested in the dual and that I want to visit. I also tried to look into the GRE, but I couldn't find any up-to-date dates. I should take it pretty soon though. Probably ought to buy a test-prep book. Maybe I could get Mom to take care of that for me. ;)

During all this scariness, I was talking to Mark about how weird it was to see the class in front of me graduate; it was kind of like a kick in the ass. He said the cutest thing: "It will be even more so to see the love of my life set off into the real world." Damn, I miss him. I'm trying to be too pathetic about it, although I am counting down the days until July 10, when I am going to visit him in Michigan. It's not that bad now that Michelle's back and we're running and eating/fixing meals together and stuff. When Margaret and Sean get back, I'm sure the time will pass faster still.

I am getting a cell phone. Jeez. I didn't want one; I held out until the end. But finally Mom insisted and the parents have agreed to pay for half the monthly bill and the activation fee (I found a deal where the phone is free after rebate). I am responsible for about $20 a month, which is a little more than I wanted to pay, but I think I should be all right as long as I keep saving like I have been, and since I'm working more this summer and next year, all should be well. The cell phone should arrive tomorrow at the latest (maybe even today, whoo-hoo!). Scary. Grown-ups get cell phones. =(

I have started my internship at The Paper, and it's been really great so far. I haven't been paid yet, but I've written three stories and am almost finished with a fourth. I have another one I can write probably today, a review of an orchestra concert. This past weekend I had an all-expenses-paid trip to Rock Island to the Gumbo Ya-Ya Cajun festival, which was really nice.

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