Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I've settled into my daily routine, which involves getting up at 7:30, eating a bowl of oatmeal, getting dressed, going to work until 12, eating lunch, and then going to Terry's house to either go on assignment or work on editing/layout for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Then I have stories to write at night. This Friday I should receive my first paycheck from the paper, and the following Friday I'll get my first full summer paycheck from the library. I think it's going to total over $300, so that will be nice. I might have to treat myself to some extra food or a DVD if it's enough. Also, I sent a certified letter to those Stay in Touch people in Florida, and so I'll get a receipt that they received it. Then I'll call them and demand that they honor my request. Surely they can't bullshit me when I've got a receipt in hand saying they got my letter.

I got my grades back, and I've never done better--twos As in EnviroLit and Fiction, and an A- in history...sweetass. That gives me a 3.9 for the term and 3.35 cumulative...only .05 away from cum laude. Wahoooo! I hope I can pull it off. I think family members might come out for this'll be good to look good for that. Maybe even Mark and his family too...well, whoever comes to pick him up from school anyway.

More and more I think of the future...what it will be like to live with Mark, how our finances are going to work (will they work?) and so forth. Scary stuff. But somehow not so bad. I also sometimes wonder when he'll make it official. It's not something we've talked about, and although I'm tempted to bring it up, he won't know anyway at this point, and I think it might be better to leave it...I want to be surprised. The nice thing is for him, he can do any kind of elaborate thing he wants and he's assured that I'll say yes. =) But that's not really him. It'll be be special, no matter what he does.

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