Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A bit of heaven

Michigan was wonderful. The entire time, I was just so happy--even when Mark was at work. We did a lot of cute, "couply" things, I got to meet two of his friends, and it just went by too fast.

The first full day he had to go to work (it was the same on Saturday and Sunday too), so I amused myself during the day by reading, studying for the GRE, playing Warcraft, editing, and writing. The time passed pretty fast. On Sunday his dad took me and Mark's twin (not identical), Craig, to Coldstone for some ice cream and then we walked around the Michigan State campus.

The nights were a lot of fun also. The first night we just went out for ice cream. After that, we went to see Terminator 3 with his friends Brian and David, and the following nights we went out to eat at The Olive Garden and went bowling. The Olive Garden was of course very good. We took our time, too, a luxury I don't often have at restaurants. We were there for at least two hours, had a great conversation, and the food was excellent--I told him afterwards that it was probably the nicest dinner I've ever had with him.

The night we went bowling was likewise very special--that was the last night. After two games, he drove us back to his house. I was sad because I didn't want the night to he took my hand and led me away down the sidewalk for a walk under the stars. We went to the playground of his old elementary school and made out on the jungle gym...weeee! But was mostly just sitting or standing there, holding each other. Very special.

Monday Mark had completely off, so we went kayaking. That was a lot of fun...we packed a picnic lunch, paddled across the lake about fifteen minutes away (Lake Lansing), ate, and then came back. We then had a quick water fight. We both got soaked. It was great. After that we took a short nap, showered, and then Joan took us and Craig out to eat at Champps, a sports bar. I had a gyro, which was delicious.

The trip back seemed quicker and shorter than the trip to Michigan. I think it was because I wasn't particularly interested in going back to Galesburg, while I definitely wanted to get to East Lansing. I hope Mark comes to visit me in a few weeks--but I don't know if he'll be able to get the time off. If he doesn't come, I'll still see him in about five and a half weeks, so it's not that bad. It's slightly longer than the span before I went to visit him, but only by a few days. Also, he mentioned maybe coming down a few days early so we'd have some time together before preseason starts. That would be really nice.

I got all my mail today, including a cell phone bill and the team letter for XC. No one has been sending in mileage sheets except for me, Ellie, Michelle, Jenny, Kim and Jen Huff of all people. That's so sad! All seniors except for Kim who's a junior--I hope the freshmen are actually doing something or else this team is doomed. The guys are even's just Mark, Drew, Scott, and Justin sending them in regularly. Juan and a freshman have both sent in a whopping one each. Yar...I hate having to report my miles to Pio too, but it takes like two seconds a week, and it gives the guy some numbers to play with.

Aaack. Anyway.