Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Yesterday was a pretty busy day--I made a bunch of phone calls, lamented the fact that no one is EVER in their office and that no one is NICE, and interviewed three artists (who were nice) who are doing residencies here at Knox. Then I walked downtown to pick up my train tickets and get Mark's parents a gift (Godiva chocolates).

I also got some of my book expenses out of the way--got all my books for Modern Fiction for $86 from Amazon. Pretty sweet deal, I think--I definitely saved a lot from the list price, which is what I would have paid in the bookstore. Barnes and Noble's price was $97.20...I don't think so. Yay for Amazon. It was actually 88 something, but I saved about a dollar fifty because of my "trivia nickels." Teehee. We're reading a lot of good stuff--The Hours and Mrs. Dalloway among them. I am also reading Mrs. Dalloway for London Arts Alive (maybe The Hours too), so that rocks. Another book we're supposed to get for London Arts is a London guidebook--I think they have a certain one in mind, but Mom and Dad have two and I'm hoping one will be that same one. Other than that, I'll just have to wait and see what other books I need.

I ran this morning, even though I didn't particularly feel like it--I need the mileage. I think now I can hit 38 or even 40 miles for the week as long as I run 3 miles a day in Michigan. Today Mich and I are going to do a tempo run, and tomorrow is our long run, so I'll have everything out of the way before I leave. I'm glad I went ahead and ran, though. I felt better after about 15 minutes or so, and even though I got stopped by a long train, it wasn't a bad run at all.

Nothing else is exciting...two days to go!