Friday, July 25, 2003

Things are better.

Things are always better after a little home. My visit to Indiana U. was fantastic (I'm so excited to go to school there!) and it was just so nice to have everything taken care of for me for a few days. I also got over my cold in like two days flat. This week has been busy, but I feel like I've been accomplishing things. I got grocery shopping done, and even got my passport photos taken and the application completed and given to the county clerk. Last night I finally got a hold of Mark on the phone so we had a longish conversation.

One more month until preseason starts. This is almost unbelievable. It's already been two?!?! Surely not. But summer started for us roughly June 1 or so, and now it's a few days from the end of July, so there it is. Incredible how the time passes so fast without me realizing it.

I just went hog-wild on Amazon. Fortunately, for me this means adding items to my wish-list rather than buying them. I'll have to see how many can be blown out for Christmas/birthday...luckily the parents and Mark are all wise to the Amazon wish list thing. Now I just have to clue the friends in. At the end of the summer, I might treat myself to a couple of things also, if I can keep up my record of not spending any money on myself until then. It's just amazing, all the things that I wish I could have, and all the things I wish I had time to do--so many books I want to read right now! There will never be time, at the rate I'm going. Once I've taken the GRE (by that time I won't have to really be working much either) I'll have to try and devote a little time to my much-neglected reading list.