Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A return

Well, it looks as though I am back to blogging. I fell out of it for over a year, it looks like. I don't remember why. I tend to lose interest in these sorts of things. But now I have begun to look for the blogs of people I knew in college because I miss them, and have found quite a few, and it inspired to restart my own.

Here I am with a year's worth of stuff to talk about. So I am not going to try. If you don't know, and would like to, please ask.

Anyway, I am apparently back.

I suppose the thread of my life right now is thus: I have begun to learn the difficult art of being alone. Perhaps I have not succeeded, hence the return to Blog-ness. I miss the Knox crew, and I miss the ease of life in college. Oh, I worked hard, but it was a static time and easy to settle (very comfortably) into. Graduate school is, I suppose, a good transition--it's much closer to the real world but still within the sheltered academic sphere. However, I also work three days a week at a publisher as a bookbinder, so I have more of a taste of the real world than many students around me.

Pathetically, one might argue, I have been back to Knox to visit three times already. Michelle insists that I'm entitled because of Mark, but when I'm there I feel so old and out of touch. The freshmen look like children and I feel like an aging hippie who doesn't want to let go. Still, when Mark graduates, I doubt I'll be going back at all, except for Homecoming if I'm close.

Bed and work tomorrow, then I'm on assignment for class. Weeeeeee! Need to work on the acquisition of the sleep.

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