Thursday, September 30, 2004

THIS is the man we elected pres--oh wait.

The wishes of the majority of the population don't count for shit. I forgot.

So I just watched the debate and damn, Bush sucks. Right from the first words out of his mouth, I was wincing at the stupidity. There were these long pauses while he searched for ways to get his non-existent points across. A couple of times I thought he might actually be unable to come up with anything. I felt like I was listening to a slightly drunk friend trying to pretend like he's not drunk in front of someone important, and not succeeding. How embarrassing.

My favorite Bushism of the night: "Of course we're after Saddam Hussein--er, Bin Laden." Yep. The first time you've told us the truth, asshat. Of course then you had to try and cover it up. Don't forget! Saddam Hussein is a threat! This is hard! He keeps changing his position! That about sums up Bush's arguments for the night. Kerry came up with a couple of zingers that Bush couldn't really respond to, like the fact that we're worried about other countries having nuclear weapons, yet we're developing more ourselves. And that 90% of the cost and losses in Iraq fall to us. And that we're waaaaaaaaay behind in translating intelligence.

I feel like Kerry responded well to Bush's main jab, that he keeps changing his position. Kerry clarified his position, and said something I think was very important: "You can be certain about something and be wrong. But you can get new information and make new decisions." I've never been a big Kerry fan, but my resolve to vote for him has changed a little, I think, from a "lesser-of-two-evils" standpoint to "this-man-can-lead-our-country" standpoint. He sounded good.

Michelle invited a bunch of math people over for a dinner party, which was a smashing success. There were about 12-15 people who came. Pretty awesome. She is so sociable! I am proud of myself for going out to lunch with Maddie and Elizabeth today. =P It'll take me a while to work up to that many.

Work tomorrow early, then it's the weekend and blessed sleep.

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